2 thoughts on “ASC2010 Wordle

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  2. Given that less common words convey more meaning than more common words, one wonders whether there is some way to increase the prominence of the less common words. For example, is it possible to use a logarithmic relationship beween the frequency of occurrence of a word and the size of the font employed?
    Another thought is that the absence, or lack of prominence of words that one might expect to see in a text on a particular topic can be as important as the words that are prominent. For example, in the ASC cloud I can’t find: Questacon, “science circus”, government, bushfire, health. Other words like: ABC and CSIRO are there but not prominant. To examine the lack of promience of important words would it be possible to set up a relationship between the reciprocal of the frequency and the font size?
    If this can’t be done within the software itself could a table compliled in, say Excel, that refletcs either logarithmic or inverse relationships, which is then imported for display purposes?

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