Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

The US National Science Board has just released Science and Engineering Indicators 2010, reporting broad trends in the global science and technology landscape to 2008 (pre Global Financial Crisis).

In general, the report shows a continuation of the pattern of the last two decades: an increase in the role of research in developed and developing economies, and the emergence of Asia (and particularly China) within this landscape.  See over the fold for a few selected graphs.

Graphs drawn from the Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 Overview

  • Ongoing growth in R&D expenditure worldwide, particularly in Asian economies:








R&D expenditures for United States, EU, and Asia: 1996-2007


  • Significant increases in first university degrees in natural sciences and engineering in China against the rest of the world:

First university degrees in natural sciences and engineering, selected=

  • Increase in the extent of international collaboration, particularly in the EU:

International coauthorship of S&E articles, by region/country:1988-2007

  • Ongoing growth in the value added by knowledge and technology intensive industries:

Global value added of knowledge- and technology- intensive industries: 1995-2007

  • Emergence of China as a dominant consumer of high technology imports: